The Hypothyroid Symptoms

People need to eat healthy food with balance nutrition. If the people consuming lack nutrition, then the risk of having problem with the health is bigger. It also happens for the people who consume too much nutrition. So, one of the disease called hypothyroid. This disease causes by the deficiency of iodine which is very important for our health.
Hypothyroid has many symptoms that we can feel. If you have at least one of the symptoms, then you should check your health to the doctor. The symptoms are such as poor muscle tone, you cannot tolerate cold weather, fatigue, cramps to your muscle and joints, paleness and many more.
All I can say for you whom have the symptoms is going to the doctor immediately to avoid worse hypothyroid condition. Those symptoms I mentioned before are just the early symptoms. Don’t wait until your hypothyroid worse; it’s just makes you hurt. You would better take the balance nutrition before infected by hypothyroid.

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Jane said...

My hypothyroidism has been successfully treated and I'm so sure that bovine thyroid was a true miracle for me! Now my thyroid is normal and there's nothing wrong with me.

Rachmawaty said...

Is it new drug? from USA??? what is the substance contains??? have u suffered this disease from when?? did you got goiter sign?;swelling on your neck.

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