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There is a sentence, to fight a poison it need poison too. This sentence seems to be enough to explain if drugs are poisonous. People make a drug just for one reason that is to cure the ill, but these days’ people with no illness take drugs for pleasure. Can’t you imagine that, drugs for pleasure? What a stupid idea.
So by read this article you may know what the drug is. It’s a chemical that if taken into human body or other living things will influence the whole body system. Until now, there are several l kinds of drug categories they are medicine, cigarette and alcohol, and then illegal drug. Medicine is a legal drug means doctor or yourself can get it anywhere since this drug is supposed to cure human illness. The second are cigarette and alcohol; somehow these things belong to a drug since in several countries the citizen still use tobacco as the main ingredient of cigarette to cure people. The last one is illegal drugs, actually it’s not illegal because it supposed to be used to support medical service and it’s not for public consumption. And somehow these illegal drugs come out from its path and spread among teenage, adult, and even child.


For pregnant women, there is must be a time to guess the sex of next baby. Some of them wait until a few month and go to doctor for screening and got best information about baby sex, although this way can be wrong but guessing the sex of a baby is very exciting. So, since there is no perfect device to predict next baby sex it not bad at all to see another theory about baby sex criterion.
If your baby is a boy you may not have morning sickness in early month you pregnant, after a few month pregnancies your baby heart beat is about 130 beat per minute or less. When you walk around your home you may feel carry an extra mass in front of you. Your stomach will looks rough like a basket ball. The areolas become darken. The temperature of your feet is colder than before you pregnant and it has hair that grow faster than usual. Your hand will be very dry. Headache may come over and over and you will calmer during pregnancy.
Of course it’s not absolutely accurate like electronic device, but this theory little bit more appropriate with the fact. So, stay healthy and just let the God chose the best baby sex for you.


Women should be more aware about breast cancer but actually men should too. It is a wise decision for women to check up their health including their breast since 1 in 8 women has possibility affected with this cancer. This cancer belongs to extreme cancer category since the numbers of death women caused by breast cancer is more than any cancer. This cancer is a serious problem since there are some factor that you can’t change, such as, age, genes, and personal factor.
Age is a disease factor that rise as human gets older. This factor also brings breast cancer to any women in this world. The second factor is genes, if family history said one of your family members has had breast cancer it’s means you are in big possibility to have it too. The last major factor is personal factor, a survey show that breast cancer affects women from under 12 to 55 after 55. So, after your read this short article you may go to doctor and check up yourself in case you can prevent a worse thing happened to you.
Another factor that may bring you breast cancer are overweight or obesity, drink alcohol too often, birth control pills, not having children, hormone replacement, or having children after 35 years old.    


Health becomes one priority of consideration in globe by health promotion. The definition of health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health. Until now health promotion still operate since there is still lots of people who are not concern about his health and it cause disease for other people. WHO (World Health Organization) are still active and struggling to make every single person in this world realize how important to stay healthy. 

An effective way to put every individual in the picture of health this world organization decided to penetrated among school and young people, they teach how to keep environment clean and how to choose the best thing for health. In Africa they tell every young man how dangerous AIDS is. Health promotion also had been done in almost all country over the world, such as, Indonesia, Australia, UK, and more.  

Like Australia that already have Health Promotion Officer with goal to maintain and improve population health and fulfill the health right by provide building healthy public policy, strengthening community action, developing personal skills, creating supportive environments, and reorienting health services. Another country should have a great health promotion especially in developing country.


Eye is the most important organ in human body. By using eye we can see the world, detect all activities around, we also can prevent and avoid something, and lot more things can be done with eye help. But until now have you know how the eye works? How an image can be seen? And how complicated an eye is?
An eye is more complicated than you think; in consist of many sensitive nerve and layer. But if I can simpler the eye, it is not different with a DLSR (Digital Single Lens Reflector). There are a lens and aperture and sensor. But in an eye there are cornea, pupil, iris, sclera, lens, retina, and optic nerve. Camera and an eye have lens, the pupil on eye works like aperture in camera, and finally the retina and optic nerve is similar with a camera sensor.
The light comes into eye by through cornea, the outmost layer of an eye. The light before down to retina must through pupil and lens, these part has responsibility to compose the amount of light (pupil) and focus the light right at retina (lens). The object or image will be form reversed at retina but it will be normal again after optic nerve transferred it to human brain and finally a man can see an image.