Eye is the most important organ in human body. By using eye we can see the world, detect all activities around, we also can prevent and avoid something, and lot more things can be done with eye help. But until now have you know how the eye works? How an image can be seen? And how complicated an eye is?
An eye is more complicated than you think; in consist of many sensitive nerve and layer. But if I can simpler the eye, it is not different with a DLSR (Digital Single Lens Reflector). There are a lens and aperture and sensor. But in an eye there are cornea, pupil, iris, sclera, lens, retina, and optic nerve. Camera and an eye have lens, the pupil on eye works like aperture in camera, and finally the retina and optic nerve is similar with a camera sensor.
The light comes into eye by through cornea, the outmost layer of an eye. The light before down to retina must through pupil and lens, these part has responsibility to compose the amount of light (pupil) and focus the light right at retina (lens). The object or image will be form reversed at retina but it will be normal again after optic nerve transferred it to human brain and finally a man can see an image.    

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Anonymous said...

Yikes... Also, eye is the most important organ? Really?

Rachmawaty said...

yaaaa.. eye is one of important for equilibrium and sense

Guinn said...

EYES R SOO COOL! I want blue eyes... With my previous luck, I was born with brown eyes... OF COURSE!

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