Women should be more aware about breast cancer but actually men should too. It is a wise decision for women to check up their health including their breast since 1 in 8 women has possibility affected with this cancer. This cancer belongs to extreme cancer category since the numbers of death women caused by breast cancer is more than any cancer. This cancer is a serious problem since there are some factor that you can’t change, such as, age, genes, and personal factor.
Age is a disease factor that rise as human gets older. This factor also brings breast cancer to any women in this world. The second factor is genes, if family history said one of your family members has had breast cancer it’s means you are in big possibility to have it too. The last major factor is personal factor, a survey show that breast cancer affects women from under 12 to 55 after 55. So, after your read this short article you may go to doctor and check up yourself in case you can prevent a worse thing happened to you.
Another factor that may bring you breast cancer are overweight or obesity, drink alcohol too often, birth control pills, not having children, hormone replacement, or having children after 35 years old.    

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depalpiss said...

Wah laki2 juga harus waspada yah!, Sepertinya Rachma juga nih harus waspada selalu nih. Yang penting gimana caranya hidup sehat. Seep beres.

Rachmawaty said...

ya ialah.. soalnya semuanya bisa kena... tapi ce yang paling sering.... co kemungkinannya kecil bgt.. makasih yahhh

Anonymous said...

so must be aware from nw,, :)

Rachmawaty said...

yaaa... thank for coming

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