For pregnant women, there is must be a time to guess the sex of next baby. Some of them wait until a few month and go to doctor for screening and got best information about baby sex, although this way can be wrong but guessing the sex of a baby is very exciting. So, since there is no perfect device to predict next baby sex it not bad at all to see another theory about baby sex criterion.
If your baby is a boy you may not have morning sickness in early month you pregnant, after a few month pregnancies your baby heart beat is about 130 beat per minute or less. When you walk around your home you may feel carry an extra mass in front of you. Your stomach will looks rough like a basket ball. The areolas become darken. The temperature of your feet is colder than before you pregnant and it has hair that grow faster than usual. Your hand will be very dry. Headache may come over and over and you will calmer during pregnancy.
Of course it’s not absolutely accurate like electronic device, but this theory little bit more appropriate with the fact. So, stay healthy and just let the God chose the best baby sex for you.

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Anonymous said...

My pregnancy was mostly in the front. If you stood behind me I wouldn't look pregnant. I didn't have morning sickness and never had cravings. I began to get itchy and was told the baby may have a lot of hair upon birth. I didn't want to know what the baby's gender was so when it was time I was surprised with a girl. I hope this helps.

rachmawaty said...

LOL... yah oknow... but sometimes they need how manage her pregnan with they want... boys or seat girl

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