Being Special Women

Women are special. There are many kinds of thing that women have to make them special. There is a common sense that women are weak creature that is why women are always being in lower position compare to men which have tougher condition. It will be more complicated to talk about women because it is not only based on the physical condition but also the sensitivity that women have. Public assume that women use their emotion more than logic.
The special thing about women is vagina. This is the women’s genital which will be used to do the sexual intercourse. This is also complicated in its parts. The thing that people need to know is not only the parts and the function of it but more important which is useful for daily lives is paying attention to its clean. Women should keep this area clean all day long. Changing the underwear everyday is not enough because vagina will be easy to be attacked by bacteria.
Women should wash it after they urinate. Keeping the vagina clean is important because high humidity can help bacteria grow faster. This is not only because women suffer from irritation but also other diseases like cancer. 

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