Sex Education for Better Understanding

This is not the day for people to make sex as topic in many kinds of discussion whether in formal or informal discussion. People will get nothing in make sex topic as taboo to talk about. In fact people just will find wrong information from wrong people. Today people can see that there are many sexual cases which will be complicated problem in society. Abortion, free sex and many other complicated problems can be said as the consequence in no information about sex.
Today people need to be aware to the information that comes to the people because it might be wrong. That is why it is very important to give sex education to the children or youth which is suited with their age. This kind of education can be given whether in formal or informal education. Certain school already held certain sex education seminar to give knowledge about sex to the student. Here student can get information from the specialist.
In other condition family support and involvement will be the key point from giving the sex education. Parents can give the teaching in more personal because the approach will be suitable from the character and the condition of the children. 

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