There are two kind of genetic mutation, De Novo mutation and Somatic mutation. De novo mutation is type of genetic mutation happened when the DNAs are still in sperm or egg, or even after fertilization between both of them. So, this type of mutation affected child who just born. Since this mutation occur in sperms and maybe in fertilization so family history is useless. The second type of mutation is Somatic Mutation, it happened in human being. It caused by viruses, radiation, or there is a mistake when DNA try to copies itself. This kind of mutation will never pass to the next generation.
DNAs are complex and complicated part of human body; it has so many mysteries that not revealed yet. But a fact founded by research is In DNA there are a sequence genes, the mutation happen when it genes change into an abnormal form. Several conditions like Deletion, insertion, inversion, and substitution are possible to be occurred in human DNA. Since DNA is information about all aspect of human being, such as, skin color, face shape, and all appearance including characteristic, today many experiments try to make a benefit with Genetic Mutation. Some scientists try to delete DNA sequences and Insert it with another DNA to get big cow with abnormal weight, and also cloning a human being but it never success.

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