One of major important nutrient is fat. Lots of people love to consume fat from animal like beef, veal, and lamb. Those are the most famous animal with delicious fat which usually served at food stand or restaurant. But do you know what exactly the fat is? In chemical study Fat is including organic compound mean it consist of carbons as the main element and followed with hydrogen and oxygen. Fat has specific atom form different from another.
These days people are start to scared to consume fat since lots of people has a serious diseases by consume fat. It not true! Only greedy people that over consume fat have over cholesterol! In fact by consuming fat your body may control the blood clothing, inflammation, and brain development. You also have perfect and healthy skin and hair by fat. The best from consuming fat is your body can pervade and transport smoothly several vitamin like A, D, E, and K to blood current.
Two types you should know about fat are Saturated Fat and Unsaturated Fat. Saturated Fat comes from animal product like butter, milk, cheese, cream, and so on. Eat those products greedily may trigger high cholesterol. And the second is Unsaturated Fat; this fat can lower the amount of cholesterol in human blood, but still eat anything greedily bring you a serious matter. So don’t stop to eat fat just stop your greedy!

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