Preventing Deadly Cancer

The habit of life can affect the condition of the body. The more people caring the body, their body will have better performance because the condition of the body is great. The habit of life will consist of in eating habit, exercise, sleeping and drinking habit. The eating habit will determine the nutrient, vitamin and other kind of substance which will enter to the body. Those substances will help body to function well. Body is not only need meal but also exercise to make the performance good.
People can avoid many diseases if they already have good condition health including cancer. This is true that cancer already becomes deadly disease even in medical treatment there already presence chemotherapy device and medicine treatment to help patience fight the cancer cell. It must be better to prevent cancer occur than people should spend large amount of money in doing the chemotherapy. There are many kinds of cancer which is presence. The type of cancer is determined by the place or in which organ the cancer growth.
By having positive and good habit people can avoid or at least reducing the risk of having any kind of cancer. In fact all people are having cancer cell but it will be dangerous if people trigger it because of bad habit such as fast food, alcohol, cigarette and more. 

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