Tumor can occur in the most vital organ in human body, eyes. Eye is the most complicated and perishable organ with all sensitive layers, nerve, and muscle. Tumor can occur in each part of eye, it can be in Choroid and Ciliary Body, Retina and Retinal Pigment Epithelium, Iris, Optic Nerve, and Ocular lymphoma.

When you search the type of eye tumor there will be a lot of it. For example tumor that grows in iris. Iris is a part of human eye that give eye color, such as, hazel, black, green, and blue. That color place at the first layer of iris, the second one is always brown. The tumor can grow between those layers or even behind them. If an eye affected with this tumor the iris may have like black mark at it iris. It can be banish but stopped.

The most common eye tumor is Retinoblastoma. Children numbers who suffer this tumor reach 300 in USA. This tumor can be banished if detected earlier. This tumor attack pupil and if it reach advanced level it may painful. Children who suffer this tumor usually have white pupil, but it absolutely can be cured by some methods. Medical equipment with high technology allows doctors to cure some cancer. 

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