There are a lot of diseases in the world that can attack human body. Basically human body can react with strange things or activities, it reacts by produce antibody as self defend from outer influence. Not all anti body can be produced for some disease like tumor. Tumor is abnormal mass of tissue. It is the simplest definition I can get. 

Tumor divided into 2 type, they are benign and malignant. Benign tumor can be called a tumor with good hospitality; it is not endanger human life but often disturbs daily activities. Mole at human face is a benign tumor, it can’t spread into another tissue and you can just ignore it or reduce the size or even banish it by surgery. The next type of tumor in malignant, this evil tumor can grow and spread to another tissue even organs on human body. This tumor usually called cancer! The treatment for cancer is more complicated and absolutely more expensive. If you ever heard about blood cancer, a person who suffers that tumor has through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

The causes of tumor are usually genetic mutation, smoke habit, and radiation, except leukemia. So if, you want to prevent it try to life healthy and stay away from bad meal and environment.

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