Diet is an activity to reduce the number on scale when you stand on it that is my own definition. Many people with overweight on their body usually do diet in every time they have meal. Generally people blame animal fat as the cause of their overweight and with diet they pass the meat and prefer another food. It’s not entire true about not to consume fat to reduce the weight.
Fat is not bad if it consumed properly, it can give human body lots of benefits like healthy hair and skin, back up energy, and also brain development. So if you want to do diet don’t stop eat meat just reduce your carbohydrate consumption. This is the truth; carbohydrate diet is more effective than fat diet. In fact all kind of nutrient even if it protein, fat, and carbohydrate will be processed into glucose as the last form. Nah! Carbohydrate contains more glucose than fat, so if you want to do diet it is a wise decision to reduce your carbohydrate consumption for effective diet.
To prove this theory, an experiment was held and it show that group that did a carbohydrate diet loss their weight about 4,9 kg and fat diet group just 2,5 kg. So, the choice is yours!

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